Formative Assessment

How can I utilize formative assessment to influence one instructional decision in my lesson plan? Based on exit cards that focus on figurative language given to the students at the end of the first or second day, the next day (my lesson plan day) I can utilize the students’ answers to determine how I will form groups for a specific activity on figurative language in advertising. The group that, at the most, understood the basic definitions of figurative language and some examples (metaphor, simile, personification) will work with media advertisements and will be asked to point out the different examples of figurative language that such advertisements used. The group that understood the definitions of figurative lanaguage as well as the significance of figurative language in determining the larger meaning of the text/ad, will work with the same ads but will be asked to determine how such language adds to the greater meaning of the ad/how we as consumers perceive the ad based on the figurative language used. We would then get back together as a group to discuss all of these subjects as a whole, so that no students are left out of the greater understanding aspect of the lesson.


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